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Case studies


jamesJames is one of my youngest client I have worked with over the 6 years. This has to be one of my favourite transformations. At the age of 17 I have never seen someone so determined and motivated like James, he is an inspiration to any young individual looking to change thier health and wellbeing. James is also a pleasure to train, we have common interests and I always look forward to our weekly session.


sueI first met Sue in the gym I prevouisly worked in, she had just signed up to the gym with a goal to lose weight. My first intenetion was to start her in the gym to become comfortable with the basics, however she was eager to get started with Personal Training sessions. With regular sessions, hard work and motivation, Sue has lost an outstanding three and a half stone. One year later I am pleased to say that Sue still has regular sessions. We have become good freinds and we both take part in the Tidworth 10k run.


joWhen I first met Jo, she had recently joined up at the gym. She told me she was looking to lose weight and with a wedding coming up that was all the motivation she needed.

I worked with Jo over a 12 week period and she lost an impressive 26 pounds. 

Jo was great to work with, she would often e-mail me asking questions about training and nutrition and I would always see her working hard in the gym, following the routines I had set for her. 

As well as all this, Jo would be very active outside the gym with other hobbies such as cycling and kick boxing. I am pleased to say I still see Jo once a month for a review session and she is still looking fantastic. Well done Jo!



When I met Adam he had already started his weight loss journey.

I got talking to him at the gym and we spoke about the importance of lowering his body fat percentage - and not just focusing on the scales. This was because he wasn’t necessary worried about how much weight he lost, but how he looked overall.

I could go on all day about Adam but I think the pictures speak for themselves. Adam has acheived a great deal - all I can say is it was a pleasure working with him. As a Personal Trainer, I can say he is the perfect client. I knew from day one he would he would invest the time and commitment to acheive a fantastic result!! 


gemmaGemma's 30 pound weight loss has been achieved through her utter determination and passion for training.

Gemma had tried to lose weight for some time before I met her, trying different training methods and diets but nothing had quite worked for her.  Working closely with Gemma I am delighted she has got the results she was looking for.   

What I particularly think is impressive with Gemma, is the amount of body fat she has lost - leaving her with a low body fat percentage resulting in a strong and lean look.